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Quality: I.Q.F., whole fruits, max 5% broken/crumble.
 Origin: Serbia;  Variety: Willamette, Meeker; Calibre: Non-calibrated or calibrated; Packaging: Cartons 4x2,5 kg net poly bags Cartons 5x1 net poly bags; Storage: Deep frozen at min. -18◦C; Transport: Land – refrigerated trucks; Sea – refrigerated containers;  Delivery: The goods will be delivered as per agreement on EURO-pallets with labels stretched with foil.

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As a product blackberry could be Rolend, confitura, crumble and block. Color black with 5% ruby color. Blackberry confitura has the same characteristics but with 20-30% ruby color.

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Blueberry became after raspberry most popular Serbian brand in a past few years. Production of blueberry has a great perspective and has high percentage of product ability. Around 95% of picked up crops are placed in global and local market as processed or fresh fruit.


As a plum producer with the production on 150.000 hectares Serbia takes second place in Europe and fourth in the World. Annual production of plum is around 600.000 tons  In Serbia are present next sorts of plum: Požegača (plum from Požega), Stanley, Čačanska rodna, Čačanska beauty and Čačanska early. We look at plum as our most importand export brand.

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Sour cherry Rolend is a deep frozen, quality, whole and ripe blackberry free of foreign mater and organic and mineral impurities. The stone is being mechanically removed from the sour cherry. Sour cherry is another product that Serbia is exporting worldwide

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Serbian strawberry is well known by its red hot color and ability to remain freshness and intensity of its taste even after being deep frozen and processed. 93% of Serbian strawberry is exported as a frozen product and only a small percentage as fresh or processed fruit.

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