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Large to extra-large in size
Sweet-sour flavor
Juicy, bright red skin and mild sour taste
Pale greenish yellow flesh, sometimes shaded with pink color

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Taste: Granny Smith apples are tart, juicy and crisp in texture, with a subtle aroma. It is a favourite variety for those who love apples with tart, acidic flavour.

Fruit: The apples are large in size and round in shape. They have bright green skin that is often speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). This variety is also known as the "green apple".

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Taste: Golden Delicious apples are sweet, juicy and crispy with a very agreeable aroma and fine fruit acid.

Fruit: The apples are medium to large in size, elongated, symmetrical and of uniform shape. The colour of this variety ranges from greenish yellow to golden yellow.

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Taste: Red Delicious is crunchy, juicy, sweet apple with a typical aroma for its variety.

Fruit: The fruit is medium to large in size, elongated and has five distinct rib crowns in the core cavity. The colour is bright to dark-red, but some clones can have varieties in colour.

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Taste: The Fuji apples are crisp, juicy and sweet. Their flavour is extremely aromatic.

Fruit: Medium to large in size the thick skin of the Fuji apple is light red with red vertical stripes. Sometimes, there can be a slight glassiness as an indication of high sugar content.

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Large to extra-large in size Sweet as honey with a little tartness Juicy, yellow red basic skin with red orange blush Crispy with creamy yellow flesh

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Taste: Their dense flesh is crisp, juicy and aromatic and has a sweet-sour flavour.

Fruit: The apples are very large in size. During July they already start developing gentle red colour which turns into intense red in the harvest season.

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Taste: Their flesh is creamy yellow, crisp and juicy, offering a mildly sweet aroma.

Fruit: The apple is small to medium-sized, firm and round in shape. They are covered in a thin, smooth yellow skin, highlighted with gentle red stripes.

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